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A rainy afternoon today. This particular weather reminded me of a barkada outing that we had last October 2009. It was the part of the year where every college student is excited for, that is SEM BREAK!!

My friends and I went home to our own hometowns in Albay. And since the time is only limited for all of us, no one can stop us from having our vacation, not even weather.

We started our outing by meeting each other in Daraga. Jannel brought her car with her which served as our mode of transportation in going to the resort. I slept at Jannel’s place the night before the outing, and we then headed to the meeting place to fetch Marz, Chard and Gozi. While we were on our way to the resort, we brought foods and charcoal to use once inside the resort. Some of our friends (Jay, Krislynn, Micah and Roxan ) also followed.

The grill

The slide

The stairs in going up the slide


The pool and the function hall as the background

The beach (not suitable for swimming though)

The wall

We left the resort at around 7 or 6 pm I think. I will never forget that experience because it was as an adventure of a lifetime because the rain was falling really hard and the visibility outside made it hard for Jannel to drive. To add up to the thrill, we were also paranoid about flash floods since we will pass by to an area where it is a flash flood prone area. Upon arriving home it was too late for us to know that we had a storm signal number 2 that day, no wonder Marz’ mom was frantic about us that day.

It was really fun reminiscing about that rainy day outing. I wish we could have another outing again, but this time, I hope its no longer raining nor with signal # 2. 🙂


1. It has a big parking space. Plus points for those bringing their cars along.

2. It has a slide, which is also a plus points for those who are more of the adventurous  side.

3. The entrance fee is only minimal. I’m not very sure about this, but I think its only P80 – P100 plus the cottage fee which costs around P300 – P350 I think.

4. We were allowed to bring outside food and drinks, unlike to other resorts that has a corkage fee.

5. They have a table tennis table but it’s far to our cottage.

6. They only have one cubicle for the male and female CR. Minus points during peak season especially if the place is crowded.

7. They only have one pool. Maybe they should try putting up a kiddie pool also for the kids to swim around without causing stress to their mommies.

8. It’s near the beach. People can cam-whore there with the beach as their background, but beware, the beach is not very suitable for swimming.